Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 -- Here We Go Again

I've watched this amazing video on You Tube called "Here We Go Again". I really like it, because of it's creativity and amazing choreography. You can watch it at.... I love the idea of "Here We Go Again".

It's 2007 -- for a week now -- and I thought about the movement from one year to we go again!
The writer of Ecclesiastes (probably Solomon) described the futility (better word than 'vanity' that the old King James had translated) of life lived repetitiously without a sense of either the sacred or the significance of living intentionally.
By "intentionally", I think I mean "choreographed".
The guys who put together "Here We Go Again" took creativity to an artistic level and instead of something repetitious and boring, it had beauty and creativity.
I'd like to imagine that my life in 2007 will have some creative choreography to it. I don't mind fact, I usually love it...but I do mind boredom. So, with God's help..."here I go again."

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